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What is Bank IFSC CODE ?

IFSC stands Indian Financial System Code. IFSC is an alpha numeric code which uniquely identify bank branch in india. A Bank-Branch participating in the two main Electronic Funds Settlement Systems in India: the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) systems. IFSC is used by the NEFT & RTGS systems to route the messages to the destination banks / branches. IFSC Code consists of 11 Characters: (ex. DDDD0010572)

  • First 4 characters represents bank code.
    For Example: One of the IFSC code for ICICI Bank is ICIC0001896. First 4 characters ICIC0001896 represents bank code.
  • The 5th character is a ‘0’ Zero for future use (ICIC0001896)
  • Remaining last 6 characters used to indentiy the bank branch. ( ICIC0001896)